Mirror Display
The Cybertecture® Mirror is a reflective mirror with programmable applications and digital display for the home, office and public environments (hotels, hospitals, retail shops).

Connected to internet
The Cybertecture® Mirror is seamlessly connected with the internet via wireless communication technology.

Digital Interface
The Cybertecture® Mirror is a visual reflective display to augment your reflection with interactive information and can be customised for specific functions.

User Control
The Cybertecture® Mirror can be used in an active or passive mode, controlled via its remote control (included) and/or smartphones (optional). Passively, the Cybertecture® Mirror remains as an everyday reflective mirror. Actively, the Cybertecture® Mirror interacts with users by delivering useful information as well as monitor your health via its peripheral sensor pad (included) and communicates with your computer, mobile phone, personal digital assistant to enhance your daily life.

Web Interface
The Cybertecture® Mirror can be controlled, customized and information stored via a web portal individually for each user.